Welcome to Global Profound

Global Profound Pvt.Ltd. has a pedigree in holistic education. Having participated in setting up engineering, management as well as medical colleges since 1983, Global Profound has now evolved into the corporate learning lifecycle. Global Profound (GP) brings decades of unparalleled rich experience in education sector with its founders and advisors helping create world - class academic institutions. The belief is that education must be unified across all delivery platforms for it to be productive to the individual and to the organizations those indiiduals work with.

We OFFER best of the best Education!

What we offer on Trainings?

In a nutshell, our unique training methodologies help employees / professionals to better themselves in understanding the more advanced features and functions of IT products such as Microsoft, Cisco, Redhat, Citrix , SAP, VMware, Netapp, Storage, Virtualization , Networking , Security to name a few . Understanding theoretically is fine but if one can apply the same and convert it to practical use, then that becomes an added advantage, which has been the winning formula of Global Profound Pvt Ltd in trainings. All our training programs are highly "hands-on" wherein the trainer shows and explains how a specific function or feature works and how it can be applied in a real time scenario in the day to day job.

After course support

After you complete the course, you can come to us anytime for clearing your doubts and revise any concept.Also, you can seek help in finding the solution for your work related queries.

Expert training team

GP India is committed to providing excellent training by highly qualified instructors. They will raise you to an expert level even if you are new to the field.

Best Quality Training

The Best Instructors make learning more engaging. At GP India, we have passionate trainers to help you build a successful career.